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Tumbled Stone Wall Hook Collection



Hang your towels, pull back your curtains, or hang your hat on these elegant tumbled stone, wall-mounted hooks. Each is a perfectly practical addition to any room in your home where you want an eco-friendly, coastal-inspired style. Mother Nature shapes each stone herself in the rivers and oceans of New England’s coast. Worn by time and the waters current, they are rounded and smoothed before they are washed upon the banks and shores where we collect them. In return for each stone the coast gives us, we give it one in return. When a tumbled stone is collected we leave a rough quarry stone in its place to restart the cycle and let nature do its work. Additionally, ten saplings are planted for each cherry tree that is cut down to create the base of the hooks. Not only can you admire the beauty of these functional, nature-made accents, you can rest assured that the environment was positively impacted in their production. Each is unique; please expect sizes and shapes to vary greatly.

Additional Information

SKU V0766/V1171
Product Type Hooks & Racks
Dimensions Each measures approximately 2.5"W x 5"H
Made in United States

  • Tumbled Stone Wall Hook - Single

Tumbled Stone Wall Hook - Single


Availability: In stock

  • Tumbled Stone Wall Hooks - Set of 3

Tumbled Stone Wall Hooks - Set of 3


Availability: In stock


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