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Highrise Bee House

Introducing Bambeco

Quick Overview

Help friendly bee populations thrive. About 30% of the human food supply and 90% of wild plants depend on pollination from bees, the majority of which are native bees. In fact, a native bee can pollinate several thousand blooms per day. Because their sole focus is pollination, they do not produce honey or beeswax – and native bees make friendly neighbors, as they are not aggressive!

About 140 species of native bees make their homes in preexisting insect holes and woodpecker drillings, so they’re naturally drawn to the bamboo tubes in this bee house. Once a female bee establishes her home, she will lay her eggs, fill the tubes with nourishment and seal off the entrance so her young can safely grow.

Handcrafted from FSC® certified wood and bamboo, this bee house is sealed with a nontoxic, water-based finish. By providing shelter for bees, you’re helping to conserve and restore native populations of these fantastic, friendly, super pollinators.

• FSC-certified wood and bamboo
• Nontoxic, water-based finish
• Helps friendly bee populations thrive
• Bamboo tubes draw bees
• Hang 5-7’ high on a wall that gets morning sun (preferably under an overhang)
• Plant native, pesticide-free plants nearby to draw pollinating bees


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