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Handcarved Twisty Stool Collection



Our elegant set of 2 Handcarved Twisty Stools are a beautiful, multipurpose addition to any room in your home. Whether as a stool or side table, standing together or alone, their presence is naturally chic.

Each graceful twist and turn has been hand carved by Artisans in Thailand from sustainable Monkey Pod wood. Amazingly, each stool begins as a single, solid piece of wood cut directly from a Monkey Tree branch. The solid pieces are cut to rough shape before being meticulously hand-carved and finished to produce this stunning final product.

Due to their handmade quality, no two stools will be exactly alike and may vary slightly from the product image shown. Touch up the natural finish with lemon oil to maintain its luster and shine.

  • Use as stool or side table
  • Hand-carved from sustainable Monkey Pod wood
  • Each vary slightly due to variations in wood
  • Refresh natural finish with lemon oil
  • Artisan made in Thailand

Additional Information

Product Type Side Tables
Dimensions Tall: 23"H x 12" sq.
Short: 18"H x 12" sq.
Made of Sustainable Wood
Made in Thailand
Artisan Story

The process used in creating our twisted wooden stools is quite awe inspiring to behold. When we first discovered these beauties in Thailand, we had the pleasure of witnessing it first hand. With multiple members of a village involved in the process, it takes a legacy of carving skills, passed through generations to create each stool.

Each begins from a large segment cut from the branch of a Monkey Pod Tree. The segments are rough-cut with a saw to remove the bark, and to create the general, more rectangular shape of the stool. This single, solid block of wood is then passed to an Artisan who is highly skilled in carving. With just a set of chisels, we watched as one man sat cross-legged on the ground chipping and carving the wood. Slow and precise, his steady hands sculpted near-perfect symmetry as he hollowed the stool’s center and carved the graceful twist into its sides.

Once he was finished, another artisan took the stool into a small studio to sand and chisel away any remaining ridges and hard marks left on the wood from the carving Artisan before him. He evened the entire surface to a smooth finish and passed the stool to the final artisan, or artisans. Grandmothers in the village give the stools their final touch by applying wax finish by hand.

Please Note Each stool will display natural variations in grain, color, finish, and distinctive qualities such as knots and cracks. Small cracks may exist upon arrival or appear overtime as the wood settles and adjust to the environment in which it is placed. As the lumber is naturally finished and untreated, splits and cracks are an expected part of the wood drying and settling. We recommend keeping the wood out of direct sunlight. Regularly oil to maintain luster and shine.
Shipping Info

Restrictions: Cannot be shipped via express delivery. Cannot be shipped to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam or the US Virgin Islands.

  • Handcarved Twisty Stool - 18"

Handcarved Twisty Stool - 18"


Availability: In stock

  • Set of 2 Handcarved Twisty Stools - 23"

Set of 2 Handcarved Twisty Stools - 23"


Availability: In stock

  • Set of 2 Handcarved Twisty Stools - 23" & 18"

Set of 2 Handcarved Twisty Stools - 23" & 18"


Availability: In stock

  • Handcarved Twisty Stool - 23"

Handcarved Twisty Stool - 23"


Availability: In stock


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