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Bells of Morocco Wind Chime

New for Winter!

Quick Overview

Our Bells of Morocco Wind Chimes combine a pleasing spiral design with enchanting tones that work together to bring home a bit of the mystery and allure of Marrakesh, also known as the "Ochre city". Morocco has embraced and blended a large number of influences over the centuries. Today, many ancient arts and traditions can be experienced in Marrakesh, a city that has the largest traditional market in Morocco and one of the busiest squares in Africa. The square bustles with storytellers, water sellers, dancers, musicians and the sound of bells. Our Bells of Morocco may call you back to a day at a bazaar filled with rich colors and exotic spices, or an auspicious meeting at the Kasbah.

  • Black finish ash wood
  • 8 brass-plated steel bells
  • Wood and stone accents
  • Designed to hang from a string loop, rather than an o-ring
  • 25”L x 5”Dia

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