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  1. Succulent Garden in Root of the Earth Bowl

    Salvaged root balls of Chinese fir trees are hand-carved into magnificent one-of-a-kind bowls and planted with an array of succulents, creating an indoor garden you and your summer guests won't be able to take your eyes off of. A great gift item!

  2. Succulent Wall Pockets - Set of 3

    Airy mesh pouches stuffed with natural moss create charming vertical hanging gardens for succulents. Display in multiples. Especially excellent for smaller spaces where often the only way to grow is up.

  3. Wine Barrel Basket

    These fine white oak, reclaimed wine barrel staves - many still tinted burgundy on the inside - may no longer contain wine, but they're just as functional and equally trustworthy recycled into baskets. Shaped to hold all manner of items, from garden tools to magazines, the multi-use baskets combine roominess with easy mobility and a smartly bowed profile
  4. Organic Tallow Berry & Olive Leaf Wreath

    Enjoy the lush array of variegated natural greens and clean white berries in our classic and simple olive leaf wreath. Foliage is hand harvested and naturally air dried in the USA. Hang on your door or in any room to evoke a fresh feeling.

    $79.00 - $89.00

  5. Sleeping Seated Buddha Statue

    Allow this peacefully seated representation of Buddha to inspire a calming and serene feeling in your home or garden.
  6. Ganesha Elephant Statue

    Ganesha, known as the remover of obstacles and master of new beginnings, brings a powerful presence anywhere in your home and wishes for your success.
  7. Cat and Mouse Sculpture Set

    An unlikely pair of companions demonstrates patience, tolerance, and understanding. Standing without strife, they will inspire a sense of unity in your home or garden.
  8. VivaTerra One-Time Flower Bulb Delivery

    An extension to our new VivaTerra Bulb of the Month Program, the One-Time Bulb Delivery allows you to choose your favorite collection of bulbs and have them delivered to you (or as a gift!) in a either beautiful reclaimed wood Root of the Earth Bowl, or our new Woven Seagrass Basket. All bulbs arrive in the first stages of growth, with blossoms appearing in about three weeks. Allow 1-2 weeks for delivery. Please note: due to availability, most of these bulb packages will not start shipping until January 4th. Only the December-themed package of Amaryllis bulbs will ship beginning November 16th.

    One-Time Bulb Delivery Program FAQs:

    Q: When will my bulb order ship?
    A: The December Bulb Option of Amaryllis will begin shipping November 16, 2016. All other bulbs (due to availability) will not start shipping until January 4th.

    Q: Where can I have my bulb order shipped?
    A: Bulbs only ship to addresses within the 48 contiguous US states and cannot ship to a PO Box.

    Q: Do all bulbs arrive in a Root of the Earth bowl?
    A: Each monthly option chosen will come planted in a Root of the Earth Bowl for display.

    Q: What types of bulbs do I receive for each package option?
    A: See bulb package options below:

    • December Bulb Package:
      3 Bright Spark Miniature Amaryllis and 8 White Marvel Tulips
    • January Bulb Package:
      5 Blue Star Hyacinths and 4 Toto Narcissus
    • February Bulb Package:
      8 Apricot Beauty Tulips and 4 China Pink Hyacinths
    • March Bulb Package:
      Three Attraction Narcissus, four Jack Snipe Narcissus, three Bucharica Iris, and five Magic Grape Hyacinth bulbs
    • April Bulb Package:
      12 Early Glory Tulips and 8 Pink Giant Glory of the Snow
    • May Bulb Package:
      Six Candy Prince Tulips and four Atholl Palace Narcissus

    $49.00 - $99.00

  9. Handcarved Wooden Drum Table

    Hand-carved in Thailand from a single, solid piece of sustainable monkey pod wood, this sturdy drum-shaped side table will stand the test of time in style and function. The shape gorgeously displays the decorative grain of the wood and its rich golden hues. Place beside your couch or bed, or double them up to create a uniquely styled coffee table. Color may vary due to the natural variation in wood. Maintain luster with mineral oil. Cracks may occur if kept in a dry place.
  10. Hanging Driftwood Succulent Garden

    We've paired two hardy natural survivors of wind and storm - succulents and driftwood and given them safe harbor in a compact indoor garden that is easy to grow and even easier to enjoy. Surf and sand-smoothed Oregon coast driftwood forms a compact, rustic exterior for our handcrafted planters. Succulents are hardy and low-maintenance.

  11. Clay Pot Hanging Herb Planter

    A perfect solution to indoor and small space growing, this hanging herb planter is well sized and easy to find a convenient location to install in your home. Consisting of four earthy glazed clay pots, each featuring a mixed tan and green-brown finish, which hang staggered from natural jute rope. The hanger also comes equipped with potting soil and a variety of popular herb seeds: sweet basil, cilantro, oregano, triple curled parsley and thyme. Upon arrival, just fill the pots with soil, choose your favorite herb assortment, plant, and hang! It’s the perfect addition to any food fanatic or culinary coinsurer’s décor.
  12. Copper Hanging Double Wind Spinner

    Adorn your garden with nature-powered décor. Plated in shimmering copper, this double wind spinner is a mesmerizing wind powered garden accent. The inner and outer spirals are separate pieces that will each spin independently in the breeze to create a dazzling display. And because it hangs by swivel hooks, it will spin in even the slightest breeze, so it is sure to preform even on seemingly windless days.
  13. Kokedama Hanging String Gardens

    A form of ancient Japanese bonsai, kokedamas (pronounced: ko kay da ma) are plants that are sculpted into hanging gardens by tightly entwining their roots in soil and moss and hand-shaping them into balls. Our artisans construct kokedamas using an assortment of succulents, including colorata and gouchii varieties, spider plants, and rabbit's foot fern depending on the set selected. A piece of twine is affixed to each plant, allowing you to hang these living conversation pieces in a window or other well lit area of your home. Purchase as Sets of 3, or build your set by adding individual Kokedamas to your cart!

    Please note: There is a misprint in our Spring 2016 Catalog. To ensure you receive the correct assortment of Kokedama String Gardens please read the following -

    • V0012 will include three assorted types of Succulent Kokedamas, including colorata and gouchii varieties. Succulent type, color and sizes will vary from set to set.
    • V1672 will include an assortment of one rabbit's foot fern, one succulent, and one spider plant.

    *3-day delivery is included. Choose standard shipping at checkout and this item will be upgraded at no extra charge. Please see special shipping info for details.

    $39.00 - $98.00

  14. Emperor Harp Wind Chime

    Inspired by the lines and architecture of the Far East, this graceful chime draws from traditional Asian design. Evoking harmony, grace and balance, wherever you hang it, it is a beautiful addition to your home zen garden or zen inspired space. Eight aluminum chime tubes offer a peaceful and harmonious melody with every movement of the wind.

    Please Allow 1-2 Weeks for Delivery.

  15. Turquoise Pendant Wind Chime

    This garden chime, featuring unique rectangular chime tubes, is constructed from eco-friendly aluminum with a bronzy finish and features a turquoise stone wind catcher suspended from the center. All pieces are hanging from a piece of cherry-finished ash wood and the turquoise, bronze and cherry make a naturally beautiful color pairing. Over all, with each blow of the breeze, this chime produces a deep traditional chime tone perfect for a serene summers eve. In many Native American languages, the translation for the word turquoise is "sky-stone", which is appropriate for this chime, which you will likely enjoy a view of hanging against the backdrop of the sky.

  16. Hand-Hammered Gong Chime

    Featuring a balanced, unique construction inspired by East Asian culture, this gong chime is designed to represent chi, the natural energy of life. Sure to bring a positive energy flow to your porch or home, the gong is handcrafted using traditional methods, and it represents balance, harmony, grace and beauty. When struck, it gives off a beautiful and authentic tone. Made of fine-quality teak wood, this chi gong will resist the elements and retain a gorgeous finish for years to come.

    Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.

    Download our Teak Wood Care & Information Card

  17. Wren’s Nest Garden Stake

    Each garden stake features a hand formed copper wire nest with a small wren perched on its edge. It is perfect for inviting wildlife into your yard or garden. This handmade copper garden accessory has been formed and welded by talented artisans right here in the USA, making each a one-of-a-kind. To protect it from the elements and ensure years of use, it is given a durable clear finish.

    Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.

  18. Tara Liberation Statue

    Tara, revered as the Buddhist "Mother of Liberation", symbolizes the virtues of success and personal achievement. Place her in your home or garden and he will bring beauty and liberty to the space she occupies. She is cast using natural volcanic ash and concrete.

  19. Lotus Pedestal Buddha

    Sculpted with a serene expression and standing balanced on a Lotus Flower pedestal, our Buddha sculpture beckons you to relax. This beautiful statue is just the right size and is the perfect reminder to search for inner peace at the home or office, indoors or out in the garden. Hand cast in the USA of solid concrete and sealed for outdoor use.

    Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.

  20. Tranquil Mini Meditative Buddha Statue

    Our tranquil meditating Buddha cast stone statue is an original sculpture by Michael Gentilucci. The characters on the back of his robe mean 'Enlightenment.' Bring his gentle spirit to your garden, and let the Zen of Buddha soothe and inspire. Hand crafted in the USA of solid concrete made and sealed for outdoor use.

    Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.

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Items 41 to 60 of 197 total

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