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    Brasserie Dinnerware + Serveware Collection

    The Brasserie Collection is design versatile. Made from white porcelain detailed with a subtle ribbed texture, this collection is great for regular use …

    $7.00 - $39.00

    $2.77 - $35.00

  2. Brazilian Soapstone Lidded Pot Collection

    Invite these handcrafted blocks of solid natural, non-toxic soapstone to your next dinner party. Made in Brazil, where sustainable and energy-conserving stone cooing has been used for centuries, they are expertly crafted cookware pieces for your eco-home and kitchen. Cooking with stone is a sustainable way to reduce energy consumption; because of its thickness and density, it retains heat twice as long as conventional metal cookware thereby reducing cooking times. Additionally, this allows them to be excellent serving pieces, as they will hold warmth after removed from the stove, grill, or oven and keep your food the perfect temperature once on the table. The shiny copper handles and hardware contrast beautifully with the matte gray stone for a look that's equal portions modern, rustic and elegant.

    Curing is required before use, but once cured these eco-friendly cookware pieces can last a lifetime with proper care.
    • Handcrafted block of solid natural, non-toxic soapstone cookware accented with beautiful copper hardware
    • Reduces cook time and conserves energy. Useful as cookware and serveware
    • Made in Brazil where sustainable stone cooking has been used for centuries

    Download our Brazilian Soapstone Care & Information Card

    $129.00 - $179.00

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    Natursten™ Cookware Collection

    Stocking a sustainable kitchen is not only effortless, but also gorgeous with our exclusive Natursten™ Cookware collection. Each piece of the collection, crafted from all-natural stone, will bear a completely original look due to its color and texture variation. The collection is accented with metal bands and handles, and features a mixture of glass and soapstone lids. It’s beautiful for both cooking and serving in earth-friendly, energy-efficient style.

    Download our Natursten™ Natural Stone Care & Information Card

    $50.00 - $80.00

    $34.88 - $54.88

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3 Item(s)

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