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Global cultures offer a serious bounty of inspiration when it comes to decorating your home, and Moroccan culture is one of our favorites. From vibrant colors and dazzling patterns to unique accents and unusual materials, drawing influence from around the world is a surefire way to bring distinct character to any space. However, when it comes to bringing the globe home, it is easy for things to get lost in translation. Short of retiling every surface of your home until it resembles a mosaic Moroccan palace, how do you translate global style into a modern space? With our curated selection of Moroccan made products and a few tips and tricks, you’ll be able master Moroccan style without breaking a sweat.Read More
6/30/2015 10:50 AM By Jesse Interior Decorating & Design

Nothing evokes the holidays quite like red and gold. We love combining textures, colors, and forms for a stunning yet welcoming table setting. For our centerpiece, we used various sizes of our gold temple bells at varied heights. What we love most about this centerpiece is that it is simply elegant without getting in the way of dinner conversation. To mimic the smooth forms of our seaglass dinnerware and recycled glassware, we softened the table with our floral block print table cloth and napkins. Finally, we topped off the table with some holiday greens and individually wrapped presents that also serve as seating tags.

12/14/2014 4:52 PM By Kristen Interior Decorating & Design
Card Wreath for the Holidays!

Holiday well-wishes come in all forms these days, but we still love the thought and beauty of hand-made cards. A dilemma we often face is how best to display all the good tidings we receive every holiday. Not to worry! We've simply taken our card wreath and tied a sprig of holiday greenery and berries for a festive wreath for any door and wall. Tie a red or gold ribbon for some more holiday cheer!

12/10/2014 10:52 AM By Kristen Interior Decorating & Design

For an elegant way to decorate for the holidays, we have come up with a few temple bell swag designs. They are simple, easy to make, and hang beautifully everywhere. They even make great holiday gifts!

Silver and Gold Temple Bell Swag:

Using both gold and silver temple bells of various sizes (giant, large and small), we tied our bells together at different heights. We then cut 4 segments (about 2 to 3 feet long pieces) off of our fir garland and arranged them so they lie flat on top of each other. Finally, we tied the bells to the fir bundle to complete our temple bell swag.

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12/3/2014 10:34 AM By Kristen Interior Decorating & Design
Furoshiki Gift Wrap - A Green Holiday

There’s much to love about the holiday season – the bright lights and cheery décor, a child’s delight on Christmas morning, delicious family dinners, and presents piled high beneath a twinkling tree. Though it might seem like Christmas isn’t compatible with green living, there are ways we can celebrate the “season of giving” without taking too much from the planet.

A green Christmas is not about doing without (where’s the fun in that?). It’s about thoughtfully choosing eco-friendly gifts as well as finding new holiday traditions that are kinder to the environment. Read on for a few tips.

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11/24/2014 10:09 AM By Kristen Interior Decorating & Design

Give thanks this season to Mother Earth's bounty with your own stunning fall centerpieces. We used some of our Root of Earth Bowls  to create two simple but festive root bowl displays. Read on to see how.

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11/14/2014 2:41 PM By Kristen Interior Decorating & Design
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