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How many times have you bought something simply because “it was a great price”? And what’s more, when you looked at the item, weren’t you certain it had to be just as good as any other at more than triple the cost? But when you started using that great bargain at a third of the cost of that other brand, it turned out that it was just a great price but really lacked in the area of performance.

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5/17/2017 12:00 AM By Michael Weibel Thoughts
It’s that time of the year again. Fall is in full swing, coats are coming out of the closet, we’re getting ready for family gatherings, and we are starting to feel the pressure of…gift giving! So many friends, family and loved ones, and so little time to stop, shop, and thoughtfully pick out a gift for each one. For this reason, we have created the VivaTerra Holiday 2016 Green Gift Guide as a solution for green gift-ers who need a one-stop-shop for organic apparel, eco-chic home finds, and green seasonal décor alike. With a huge range of categories, you will be able to check everyone off your list with ease!Read More
11/8/2016 12:00 AM By Jesse Thoughts
Happy Earth Day to all! Today is easily one of our favorite days of the year, maybe even our favorite. As our name suggests—VivaTerra, meaning, “living earth”—we are strong supporters of the Earth Day cause. In honor of the earth & its preservation, today we will make a donation to TerraPass for every order we receive. What does that do? Well, we’re glad you asked…Read More
4/22/2016 12:00 AM By Jesse Eco Tips Thoughts
Our Summer 2016 collection is brimming with the tones and materials of Mother Nature, displays of time-honored methods of craftsmanship, texture, bright color, unique design, and the traces of human touch on each artisan crafted product. As always, our mission in selecting these products remains to help you transform your home into an eco-sanctuary. From sourcing and selecting, to styling and photographing, and finally printing and mailing, we pour time and care into every step of the process before these items land in our catalog and into your hands. As you flip through its pages, have you ever wondered how it’s all done? Well, we are going to give you a behind the scenes sneak peek at not only one of our favorite photo locations, but also a look around the location of one of our close neighbors in our home, Virginia.Read More
4/8/2016 12:00 AM By Jesse Interior Decorating & Design Journeys Thoughts
Celebrate Spring with Our Season Lockets!

It’s here! Arguably one of the most anticipated seasons of the year, spring has finally (officially) arrived. A figurative light at the end of the tunnel, it represents the end of the cold monotony of winter and holds promises of sunshine, buds, blooms and an overall brightening-up of the world outside. Spring not only promises us growth and change but is the predecessor to the season of fun: summer.

Summer is the time when we can get outdoors and truly enjoy all that Mother Nature has to offer us. But then again, summer only lasts a while before it gives way to the much-romanticized season of autumn. Another season of colorful changes where we look at our world in wonder and take in its beauty. And once the air grows crisp and the transformations of the trees have all taken place, we find ourselves in winter again, readying ourselves for the magic of the first snow and the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.

We believe every season is one worth celebrating. This is the reason we love our Four Season Locket Collection. We all have a favorite season, and this collection of handmade accessories allows us to keep that time close to our hearts all year long.

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3/20/2016 1:00 AM By Jesse Thoughts
Celebrate International Women's Day

March 8th is International Women’s Day—a day dedicated to coming together across the globe to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. It’s a day to rally behind equality, support and encourage females, speak out for women’s rights, and take action to accelerate gender parity.

VivaTerra wholeheartedly stands behind the mission of this day in support of our artisans, our neighbors, our friends, our communities and our world. We take this time to celebrate and honor our female artisans from whom we source beautiful goods from across the globe.

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3/8/2016 12:00 AM By Jesse Artisan Stories Thoughts
New Sustainable Spring Style has arrived!

Eco-friendly material, artisan-made décor, and organic apparel—our new spring catalog and web collections have it all! All of your favorite things about VivaTerra with a bright & refreshing twist for the upcoming season. Naturally, we have a few favorites of our own, and we’d love to share!

Walk on the "wild side" with Lucky the Elephant, our newest favorite artisan-made design! Available in two sizes—accent table or tabletop sculpture—you’re guaranteed to find a space for this lovable, hand-carved accent in your home.

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2/5/2016 12:00 AM By Jesse Interior Decorating & Design Thoughts
Can you believe it? There stands but one weekend between us and the home stretch to Christmas. And while most of us are filled with excitement, there are also those of us that feel a little panic… the late shoppers. We are all guilty of it, so to help, we made a list for 5 last minute gifts ideas that are sure to please anyone on your list!Read More
12/11/2015 12:00 AM By Jesse Thoughts

The season has arrived for gifting and giving, getting and thanking, and with that, searching and shopping. We all hope to find the perfect gift for each person in our life—people who are special to us, people who are unique, and probably, people who already have everything. This is why we created our artisan-made gift collection.

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11/10/2015 12:00 AM By Jesse Artisan Stories Thoughts
Volcanic Ash, Handcrafted Statue Stories
With Halloween weekend approaching, we have been in the mood for telling stories, but not the usual kind. Ghouls and ghost may be be the usual suspects of this time of year, but we have a few other characters in mind. So pull up a chair and gather around the fire for a few tales about our statues and the mythology behind them…Read More
10/29/2015 12:00 AM By Jesse Thoughts
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