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Soapstone, or steatite, is a naturally occurring, dense yet soft stone that is composed largely of the mineral talc and is very rich in magnesium. Its unique composition gives it the odd combination of characteristics that, though it is hard and dense like a rock, it has a softness to its surface that allows it to be scratched by just your finger nail. However, soapstone has a few additional qualities that make it more than just an oddity. For ages, soapstone has earned itself a place in our kitchens due to not only its beauty as cookware, but also for its remarkable heat retention.

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10/24/2016 3:54 PM By Jesse Health Living and Home Recipes
Thanksgiving is fast approaching, and with it all of the anticipation of the joy and thankfulness it brings. Yet, we can often be overwhelmed with the responsibility of entertaining and preparation involved. Particularly, when we have picky eaters on our hands. Whether you’re hosting a friendsgiving, thanksgiving for the entire family, or dinner for your own household, you will probably have a guest with a dietary restriction or preference—organic clean eating, vegetarianism, veganism, gluten intolerance, lactose intolerance, or just plain calorie counting. With all of this in consideration it can be difficult to prepare a tradition style thanksgiving meal. But not to worry, because we have a few suggestions on cooking and serving this holiday that will help!Read More
11/19/2015 12:00 AM By Jesse Health Living and Home Recipes

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with the zesty fresh taste of limonada! It's easy to make and we like to serve ours in beautiful recycled glassware from Mexico.


3 lemons and 1 lime, quartered with seeds removed

8 cups of cold water...

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5/5/2015 11:12 AM By Kristen Recipes

When the speed of life picks up, it can sometimes be difficult to find the time to work in a complete, balanced breakfast. But, simply taking a moment to enjoy the morning and fuel your body with the energy it needs to take advantage of the day is an incredibly easy, fulfilling way to balance your life. And, when your day starts with something as delicious as homemade granola, everything takes on a brighter, more cheerful hue.

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4/20/2015 9:39 AM By Emily Health Living and Home Recipes

Moscow mule mugs have been the latest trend in not only bar-ware, but also in kitchenware. We understand, as the elegantly rustic copper mugs are great for every type of drink. We recently decided to explore the legacy of the copper mule mug and what it takes to make an authentic Moscow mule with all the right tools.

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2/28/2015 11:19 AM By Emily Recipes

With the ubiquity of berry parfaits to-go, we wanted to go back to a time where they were beautifully simple and fresh. This is perhaps one of the easiest recipes for a light dessert or quick breakfast, and yet, it always results in a nutritious and delectable treat. We like to serve ours in a glass tumbler so that every delicious layer shows.

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2/21/2015 11:22 AM By Kristen Recipes

The perfect combinations of sweet and sour, chewy and soft find themselves in these "modern" candied lemon peels. When so much of our usable produce ends up in the trash, it is always beneficial to reinvent old fashioned recipes that use often forgotten produce parts. What we love most about this recipe is it adds a global twist to candied lemon peels and makes a perfect accompaniment to pound cake, yoghurt, etc. We even use it in our curries! Continue reading for the recipe.

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2/7/2015 11:51 AM By Emily Eco Tips Recipes

“Superfood” is a relatively new term used to describe a vitamin-rich food believed to be highly beneficial for our health and well-being. Though scientists and nutritionists claim it’s mostly a marketing angle, there’s no denying that superfoods are good for you. Homemade superfood juice drinks definitely have a place in the diet of anyone who is committed to healthy living. They’re not only super nutritious, but downright delicious!

Dark leafy greens are the stars of superfood drinks. Kale is a micronutrient powerhouse, spinach has the mildest flavor, and Swiss chard is loaded with vitamins K and A.

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1/24/2015 9:56 AM By Kristen Health Living and Home Recipes

Bring friends and family together this New Years with these deliciously welcoming hors d’oeuvres! Perfect for hassle-free, oven-to-table entertaining.

Make each dip as beautiful as it is delicious by serving in our set of Soapstone Bowls served on a wooden paddle. Made of recycled soapstone, they’re perfect for keeping dips hot (or cold!) as guests gather ‘round.

Continue reading for these dip recipes.

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12/28/2014 11:23 AM By Emily Recipes

Get set for chic holiday entertaining with these schnapp-tastic peppermint shooters!

Peppermint Shooters

1/2 ounce coffee liqueur
1/2 ounce Irish cream liqueur

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12/7/2014 11:24 AM By Emily Recipes
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