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Hiking the incredible Caldera foot path on the island of Santorini has inspired artist, authors and photographers to record the crisp whites and deep blues that can be found all throughout. The island is sought after by many as a romantic getaway in Greece where food and wine is enjoyed while surrounded by exquisitely clear waters. 


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9/12/2018 11:53 AM By Alessandra Journeys
Our Summer 2016 collection is brimming with the tones and materials of Mother Nature, displays of time-honored methods of craftsmanship, texture, bright color, unique design, and the traces of human touch on each artisan crafted product. As always, our mission in selecting these products remains to help you transform your home into an eco-sanctuary. From sourcing and selecting, to styling and photographing, and finally printing and mailing, we pour time and care into every step of the process before these items land in our catalog and into your hands. As you flip through its pages, have you ever wondered how it’s all done? Well, we are going to give you a behind the scenes sneak peek at not only one of our favorite photo locations, but also a look around the location of one of our close neighbors in our home, Virginia.Read More
4/8/2016 12:00 AM By Jesse Interior Decorating & Design Journeys Thoughts
We love to share news with you about what’s going on around VivaTerra, and we’ve got something very exciting today. While you know us by our catalogs— and we hope you’re getting excited for the Holiday catalogs that will be landing in your home soon—and know us from shopping on vivaterra.com, we recently branched out to our first ever “brick and mortar” venture, if you will. As temporary as it may have been, we we’re elated to host our first pop-up shop!Read More
10/2/2015 7:44 AM By Jesse Journeys
A truly age-old craft, the backstrap loom has been used in Guatemala for over two thousand years, pre-dating the arrival of the Spanish conquistadores. It is a traditionally Mayan art form, one that has remained relatively unchanged since ancient times. Representations of women using backstrap looms can be found in many pieces of ancient Mayan art, and it is also present in Mayan mythology and folklore. According to Quiche tradition, the art of weaving comes from the moon goddess Ixchel, and she is often represented as the Cosmic Weaver, seated in a backstrap loom.Read More
8/27/2015 2:12 PM By Jesse Artisan Stories Journeys
The collision of antiquity and the modern age is omnipresent in Egypt, the storied, age-old atmosphere and landscape blending and interlacing with a burgeoning culture and style of life. There is an inescapable knowledge of history in the winding streets and expansive desert alike—a feeling of the permanence of nature intermingled with our own ephemerality that is written into the culture here like hieroglyphics on the walls of man's existence.Read More
4/28/2015 10:14 AM By Emily Journeys

As we begin to notice fresh green growth and blossoms bursting into color, each sunny afternoon fills our minds with thoughts of vibrant outdoor gatherings filled with the joy of good company, beautiful weather and fresh food. There's nothing that quite rivals an evening al fresco shared with friends and family. Spring and summer entertaining call for the celebration of the earth's all-natural bounty, reveling in fresh ingredients bursting with flavor.

Here at Viva Terra, we've fallen for the brightness and subtle decadence of Italian cuisine...

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4/4/2015 10:21 AM By Kristen Journeys Thoughts

The Atlas Mountains linger like snow-capped clouds in the sky above Marrakech, an ancient city that unfolds in subtle, clay red architecture and buzzing streets lined with orange trees. Inside the red walls of the city, built in the 12th century during its imperial age, lies the most popular square—Jamaa el Fna—filled with rows and rows of stalls brimming with fresh citrus fruit—from oranges to grapefruits to lemons—all ready to be juiced and savored. Everything in Morocco has this sense...

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3/26/2015 10:24 AM By Emily Journeys
In France, it's not hard to discover la vie en rose. Every aspect of life is regarded and undertaken with that particularly French form of serenity, a sense of calm and pleasure that permeates each and every moment. From the daily stop at the boulangerie for a fresh, warm baguette, to taking a moment to sit and share a café with friends (or just with the newspaper), to marathon five-course meals in which every morsel is savored, life in France is truly a breath of fresh air—and a much appreciated séjour from the rat race of our daily lives.Read More
2/25/2015 10:27 AM By Emily Journeys

As the New Year approaches and the weather gets colder, we’ve been searching for some sunshine. During our recent trip to Mexico, we not only found some sun, but a vibrant culture celebrated through beautifully made handicrafts and delicious food. We wanted to share some of our experiences exploring this colorful country and the beautiful artisan-made pieces we found through our photo journal...

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1/18/2015 10:31 AM By Emily Journeys

At VivaTerra, “eco-friendly” is more than just a buzzword. It’s a philosophy that’s ingrained in every product we offer. We know it is possible to decorate the home with furniture that is not only beautiful, but crafted from eco materials with environmentally conscious manufacturing processes. Which is how we recently found ourselves on an airplane, heading to southern California to meet the talented woodworkers who handcraft our Vintage Douglas Fir Furniture.

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11/18/2014 10:32 AM By Emily Journeys
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