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Friendly Habitats +

More and more it has become so important to help provide a safe habitat for our winged friends. Perfect places like your garden, balcony, workplace, or community garden are areas you can make a huge difference right away.Read More
3/13/2018 11:58 AM By Aurelia Ytaka Eco Tips Health Living and Home
Plan early. Don’t wait until you’re in the thick of the season, start your plan at least a month in advance and even more if you can find the time. Consider creating a calendar that includes all of the weeks prior to, including and following the holiday. Include what you have already scheduled like travel, parties, shows, when guests will arrive and work events. Add in all other important events as they come up but be sure you don’t double book. Block off days for shopping, baking and decorating and be sure to include deadlines so you don’t miss a thing. During this busy season you don’t want to forget yourself, so be sure to schedule in a day or two of rest and pampering, a spa day would be a great de-stress activity.Read More
10/15/2017 12:16 PM By Aurelia Ytaka Health Living and Home
The highly sought after teak tree is native to Myanmar, India, Thailand and Indonesia. It is known for its richly dark gold wood and incredible durability when exposed to the elements. The wood is, by nature, resistant to moisture, rot, decay, warping, and cracking. Because of these properties, teak is widely prized in the marine and boating industry for both its look and its performance in its role as the top choice for deck wood. Outdoors, teak is used for many projects beyond boat decks, such as benches and other outdoor and garden furniture. Additionally, indoors it is used for flooring, window frames, furniture and more. The signature color, decorative grain, and over all strength make it a wood in high demand.Read More
8/17/2017 12:00 AM By Jesse Eco Tips Health Living and Home

Spring is the perfect time for a backyard dinner gathering. After all, the sun is warm, the birds are calling overhead, and there are new tulips and daffodils everywhere you look—all of it brought to you by the Earth.

Therefore, it’s only right that you do your part to give back. And you can certainly do a lot when you choose to go green with your outdoor dining. There are plenty of ways to get the environmental stamp of approval on your soiree. Read on to find out some of the best.

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3/1/2017 12:00 AM By Guest: Lauren Pezzullo Eco Tips Health Living and Home
We're sure you've heard of it by now, coined in the 1970s by a London boutique owner, the term "capsule wardrobe" was used to describe a new idea for a highly functional and compact collection of clothing. The capsule, according to its original creator, should consist of approximately 12 coordinating and interchangeable items.Read More
2/16/2017 12:00 AM By Jesse Health Living and Home
There is no meal that compares to one made in the heart of your own home, or especially to one made and served with earth-friendly values on the mind. However, in a busy world, many of us find ourselves short on time to prepare meals for our families, friends, or even just ourselves. Not to mention, short on time to stop and think of the environmental impacts we could be making in our kitchens. The consideration of this impact need not be burdensome, however! With just a single investment into cookware, serveware or dinnerware you can change the way your serve every meal. We have a few tips on how to improve the environmental of your dinners, lunches and more from point A to point B.Read More
2/6/2017 12:00 AM By Jesse Eco Tips Health Living and Home

Our newest winter collection has just arrived, and with it comes some all-new VivaTerra ventures! We are excited to introduce you to some luxurious new housewares that are staples for a tranquil, eco-friendly home. Here are some of the highlights of our new collection!

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Soapstone, or steatite, is a naturally occurring, dense yet soft stone that is composed largely of the mineral talc and is very rich in magnesium. Its unique composition gives it the odd combination of characteristics that, though it is hard and dense like a rock, it has a softness to its surface that allows it to be scratched by just your finger nail. However, soapstone has a few additional qualities that make it more than just an oddity. For ages, soapstone has earned itself a place in our kitchens due to not only its beauty as cookware, but also for its remarkable heat retention.

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10/24/2016 3:54 PM By Jesse Health Living and Home Recipes
Are you a designer, stylist, builder, or involved in another profession that allows you to supply furniture and décor for commercial reasons? Do you know someone who is? In either case, we want to make sure you’re in-the-know about VivaTerra’s Trade Program. Membership comes by application and approval only, but our process is simple and fast. Approved members receive a 10% discount on all orders, plus, discount can increase depending on order totals. Follow the link here to apply, or copy the link URL and send to a friend or firm you know would appreciate it.Read More
The all-new summer collection has arrived! With the weather warming up and the sun shining longer into the day, we've got our sights set on summer days and nights. Not to mention all the must-haves that just landed on our wish lists for updated outdoor décor, entertaining essentials and refreshed interior style. Luckily, our summer collection covers it all, from eco-friendly dinner and serveware to elegant outdoor furnishings. Your summer catalog will be on your doorstep before you know it, but take a look here for a peek at some of our favorite new additions!Read More
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