It’s that time of the year again. Fall is in full swing, coats are coming out of the closet, we’re getting ready for family gatherings, and we are starting to feel the pressure of…gift giving! So many friends, family and loved ones, and so little time to stop, shop, and thoughtfully pick out a gift for each one. For this reason, we have created the VivaTerra Holiday 2016 Green Gift Guide as a solution for green gift-ers who need a one-stop-shop for organic apparel, eco-chic home finds, and green seasonal décor alike. With a huge range of categories, you will be able to check everyone off your list with ease!

Artisan-Made Gifts

Artisan's hands craft each piece in this collection, from carved jewelry boxes to woven log baskets and much more.

Eco-Friendly Gifts

Gifts made from recycled, salvaged, or sustainably sourced materials! An easy choice for your gift recipients and for Mother Earth.

For Her

Totes, jewels, florals, frames and more feminine gifts for every lady on your list.

For Host & Hostesses

For the friends and family members that host the most (and the best). If you have anyone on your list that loves to entertain, this collection of serveware, kitchen goods, and dining accessories is for you.

On Sale Gifts

A collection where giving meets savings—and who doesn’t like that? 

Gifts Under $75

Green gifts, décor & more that’s perfectly priced for giving! Spend a little, give a lot.

Best Selling Gifts

Best sellers, staff picks and customer favorites all rounded you so you can't go wrong. These are gifts they’re sure to love!

Global Gifts

Gorgeous gifts from all around the world with global-style that reflects the rich cultural influence of the country in which they were made. 

Zen Gifts

For the “keep calm and carry on” crew. Those in your who need a little serenity, or even better, for those who bring you serenity, give it back with this Zen-style collection.

Gifts for the Kitchen

Calling all cooks! These giftable kitchen goods are for the culinary queens and kings in your life.

For Tea Lovers

Any and every avid tea drinker is sure to get joy out of one of these gifts. In this collection, you’ll find Japanese ceramic teapots, unique drinkware, and more.

Winter Wreaths & Plants

Wreaths and plants that truly capture the natural beauty of the season can be given and brought indoors, so your recipient can enjoy fall and winter foliage without braving the cold seasonal temperatures.

Flower Bulb Deliveries

Perhaps the greenest gift of all, select your favorite blooms and send a living gift directly to those who appreciate having flowers in their home all year long.

Gift Baskets & Sets

Gifts that do everything but give themselves. These sets and baskets are no-brainers for anyone you know, from friends and family to coworkers and acquaintances.

Statues & Garden Décor

For your favorite people who you can always find outdoors, these gifts are perfect for patios, decks, gardens, and flowerbeds. Serene and beautiful statues and accents that bring décor to the outdoors.

Artisan-Made Jewelry

Breathtaking and delicate necklaces, earrings, and bracelets that are inspired my nature and crafted by artisan's hands.

Sea-Glass Jewelry

Gorgeous gifts inspired by the sea! These beautiful recycled-glass adornments are handmade in the USA and complement every style with eco-friendly charm.

Eco-Friendly Knife Blocks

For anyone, seriously! Our eco-friendly knife blocks come in a variety of styles, from rustic to sleek and are filled with sustainable bamboo skewers that safely hold your knives within reach on your counter.

All-Natural Apparel

Organic cotton, cashmere, felted wool and more, this collection is brimming with stylish looks and luxurious, eco-friendly materials.

Soapstone & Copper Cookware

Kitchen classics with an eco-friendly twist, our soapstone collection is a lovely gift for the holiday season or any occasion, such as a wedding or housewarming.

Stoneware & Ceramics

A collection of Japanese-inspired designs that range from specialty tea sets to everyday dinnerware. No matter the item, the quality and style are sure to appeal to anyone.

Reclaimed Wood Décor

Rustic, reclaimed, and full of character, our earth-friendly wood designs are perfect for any character you have on your list.

Reclaimed Wine Barrel Designs

Family in Sonoma? Even if not these upcycled wine-inspired designs are sure to please. Salvaged from retired wine barrels, every piece is a one-of-a-kind with loads of character.

Recycled Glass Vases & Décor

Recycled glass in its best forms! This collection features organic shapes, artisan craftsmanship & eco-chic home accents for every décor type.