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Bedroom Décor

Bedroom Décor

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  1. Scrap Teak Ladder with Shelf

    Our teak ladder is the ultimate eco-choice made from leftover cuttings of sustainable teak at a furniture factory. The sturdy rungs keep towels neatly organized. Its removable shelf serves as a handy platform for bath sundries.

    Download our Teak Wood Care & Information Card

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    Full Moon Cat Nightlight

    Regular Price: $45.00

    Special Price $35.97

  3. Scrap Teak Bath Collection

    The teak in our handsome Scrap Teak Bathroom Collection is grown on a plantation outside the rain forest to ensure that this endangered wood is not harvested in the wild. Our bath collection is made from off-cuttings reclaimed from a furniture factory. An ideal bathroom companion, dense teak sloughs off moisture with ease. The smooth-surface mat's wide slats efficiently drain away water.

    Download our Teak Wood Care & Information Card

    $79.00 - $169.00

  4. Mini Lotus Panels - Set of 2

    Thai artisans hand-carved, sanded and waxed this intricate, blossoming lotus design from reclaimed teak. Teakwood, prized for its dense grain and beautiful, natural patina, brings a perfect dose of natural texture to any wall in your home.

    Download our Teak Wood Care & Information Card

  5. Glass & Metal Buddha Drum Lid

    Artisans in Indonesia created this Zen masterpiece by recycling a metal drum lid. Adding the face of Buddha pressed in glass, they yielded a stunning motif of mixed materials in perfect balance.
  6. Handcarved Cypress Bowl

    Natives of the high mountains of Laos hand-carve these softly rounded containers with precision and craftsmanship afforded to them by years of practice. The aromatic wood (a species of juniper) is believed to keep whatever is stored inside fresh and clean. Fill with any small bathroom luxuries from bath sea salt to cotton balls. Features a leather hoop handle for easy opening.
  7. Live Edge Mango Wood Rack

    An earthy mango wood rack that would work great as a coat rack in the entryway or mudroom, or in the bath for any size towel. Featuring a beautiful dark wood grain coloration along with heavy black antique style iron hooks. The wood used to make this coat rack was sustainably harvested from a government controlled tree plantation.
  8. Beechwood Bath Mat - Small

    This bath mat is handcrafted from oiled, sustainably managed European beech, which maintains its beauty, even in a damp environment.

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    Recycled Oil Drum Mirror - Red

    Industrial chic décor crafted from retired steel oil drums collected in Thailand and Indonesia. These one-of-a-kind pieces feature the label details and writing from recycled oil drums originally destined for landfills. Hang multiple pieces for a bold display.

    Each unique piece bears the luster and patina of age. Precise colors and patterns may vary. 

    Regular Price: $195.00

    Special Price $58.55

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    Recycled Oil Drum Mirror - Blue

    Industrial chic décor crafted from retired steel oil drums collected in Thailand and Indonesia. These one-of-a-kind pieces feature the label details and writing from recycled oil drums originally destined for landfills. Hang multiple pieces for a bold display.

    Each unique piece bears the luster and patina of age. Precise colors and patterns may vary. 

    Regular Price: $195.00

    Special Price $58.55

  11. Natural Raw Wood Organic Bowl

    Organic beauty, naturally stunning describes our all natural raw wood bowl.  The finish allows the uniqueness and beauty of the grain to show through. Because each bowl is individually handcrafted, every single one is a piece of art and will vary slight both in size and finish. Additionally small cracks and variations in grain are normal.

    • Handcrafted
    • Each piece is one of a kind
    • All natural reclaimed wood

  12. Himalayan Salt Electric Night Light

    When the salt light is on and salt rock becomes warm and once warmed it will naturally release negative ions into the air, creating an effect similar to an ionizer and will assist in purifying the surrounding air. This process is enhanced by the natural process of NACL resulting in the production of negative ions which eliminate the positive ions that are always present in our environment. These positive ions are produced by computers, refrigerators, televisions and more. In turn our unique and functional night lights help make the air clean, fresh and healthy to live in.

    Completely hand carved and can be used for lighting, decoration and air purifying.

    When bulb is lit up, the crystal salt night light releases negative ions into the air, which effectively balance the quantity of positive ions and negative ions that the surrounding air contains, purifying the air and cleaning the surroundings.

    • Every salt lamp night light comes with a UL certificated plug
    • 100% Himalayan crystal salt
    • Lamps power- 7watt, voltage - 110V
    • Before plugging in, please make sure that the switch on the lamp is turned off. Then plug it into the wall plug and turn it on.
  13. White Recycled Glass Sprouting Vases

    Sprouting up to the sky, like seedlings reaching for the sun, these vases have a shape inspired by the buds and blooms of spring. Their long stem-like necks are hand-formed by glass blowing artisans, giving them their organic flowing shape. The artisans use 100% recycled glass to make the vases eco-friendly and protect the natural world by which they're inspired.

    $49.00 - $69.00

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    Recycled Metal Ginkgo Leaf Hanging Globe Lantern

    Designed exclusively for VivaTerra by Aurelia Ytaka, our 100% recycled metal ginkgo leaf globe lantern will add a tranquil Zen style to your outdoor space or meditation room. The Ginkgo Leaf design was chosen because of its interesting history. The Ginkgo is the oldest living species of plant on earth at more than 225 million years old. In Japanese decorative art, the ginkgo's distinctive fan-shaped leaf has carried symbolism along with its singular beauty. The ginkgo has been a symbol of longevity partly because the tree can actually live for a thousand years, and of a more profound endurance.  Available exclusively at VivaTerra.

    • Handcrafted from 100% recycled metal
    • Beautiful copper and blue patina-look finish
    • Made in Indonesia by skilled artisans
    • Globe features a hinged door to allow a tea light or votive candle
    • 15.5” in Diameter and hangs 25” with the chain

    Regular Price: $125.00

    Special Price $74.77

  15. Copper Top Candles

    Rich, spicy, Moroccan-inspired fall scents fill the mercury glass vessels of these candles. The opalescence of the jars paired with their shimmering copper lid makes them quite a dazzling accent in any room. The lids feature a perforated pattern, which allows fragrance to escape even when the lid is on. Each one is scented by natural fragrance oils.

    • These candles come in simmering mercury glass jars and feature perforated copper lids
    • Made in India and assembled in the USA
    • Made using natural fragrance oils
    • 4oz. or 9oz.

    $29.00 - $39.00

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    Framed Botanical Watercolor Print Set of 4

    Add a touch of tropical character to your living space with these fresh and natural Leaf Prints. They feature wooden frames with a bare, natural finish that create a sophisticated yet casual vibe. Stunning and diverse leaves are revealed in these four prints with fresh white matting and can be grouped in a variation of arrangements to suit your décor needs

    • For indoor use only
    • Fir wood frames in a natural finish
    • Create a tropical/coastal atmosphere
    • Dimensions: Set of 4; each measures 15.75”W x 1”D x 18.5”H

    Regular Price: $225.00

    Special Price $156.88

  17. Rustic White Wood Arched Framed Mirror with Gold Accent

    This vintage style Rustic White Wood Arched Framed Mirror with Gold Accent provides the perfect accent piece for your entryway or bathroom. Aside from making spaces appear larger, this wall mirror offers a tactful, stylish way to hide imperfections, maximize light, and provide a second look at your favorite accents. Additionally, this arch top wall mirror has the perfect gold accent finish. It can be hung above your mantle, as part of your gallery wall, near your entryway, and so much more.

    • Perfect for rustic farmhouse aesthetics
    • Gold accent finish detail
    • Large scale wall mirror
    • 21”L x 1.5”W x 35.5”H; 11lbs.
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    Aromatherapy Vase Diffusers & Therapeutic Essential Oils

    These elegant vase style diffusers and therapeutic grade essential oils provide any room in your home with aromatic benefits. Set the mood and enchant the senses in any room in your eco-home. Essential oil diffusion is a great way to naturally reduce stress, promote restful sleep, energize the body and mind, and improve mood. Our diffusers help set the right atmosphere anywhere, from calm in the bedroom to energy in the kitchen. Each diffuser is equipped with a timer and soothing LED lights for a convenient therapeutic experience. All essential oils are all-natural and therapeutic grade.

    $15.00 - $129.00

    $11.97 - $102.97

  19. Antiqued Iron and Reclaimed Wood Wall Hooks - Set of 2

    The traditional style of these silvered iron hooks are given an eco-friendly update when mounted to reclaimed wood blocks. Add rustic style effortlessly to your entryway, bathroom or bedroom with the characteristic look of deep stained reclaimed wood.

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