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Bedroom Décor

Bedroom Décor

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    Quartz Crystal Tealight Holders

    These candle holders are simply breathtaking. Each is crafted from all-natural quartz, amethyst or citrine crystal, highlighting the incredible beauty of mother nature. The breathtaking crystals remind us of the power and glory of natural design. Lit with a tea light inside, they'll cast shimmers of soft light that appear almost magical and instantly create a mood of romance and blissful serenity. They're sure to transfix family, friends and guests when placed on an end table, on the mantel, in the bathroom, or anywhere in your home. They excite our senses with their multifaceted shapes and radiant hues. These tealight holders are available in two equally stunning sizes.

    $12.00 - $129.00

    $6.77 - $129.00

  2. Recycled Glass Lotus Flower Nightlight

    Our seasonal nightlight, made from specially treated recycled glass, is a resourcefully created and eco-friendly way to light the night. Our Pink Lotus light features a blooming lotus flower set against a crisp light blue sky. The soft glow provides safe passage as it illuminates dark halls and walkways at night and its eco-sourced material keeps glass bottles from landing in our landfills, landscapes, or waterways. All in a night's work for this charming light. Made in the USA.
  3. River Rock Floor Mat

    Our river rock floor mats allow you to bring nature's outdoor elements into your home. Nothing quite compares to the beauty of time-worn river rock, washed to silky smoothness by years of gushing current—and now, you can bring that beauty to your home décor! This unique pebble mat is an earthy addition to any space, particularly as a welcome mat or a delightfully tactile bath mat.

    The selection of smooth river stone are gathered by hand, and then securely attached in an artful composition to a strong, weather-worthy felt backing. More mosaic than river rock rug, this stone mat is sure to be a treasured addition to your décor. Felt backing is colored to blend in behind natural stones. 

    • Naturally Smooth
    • Therapeutic way to relieve stress in your feet
    • Felt backing
    • Can be used as a bath mat outside of the shower
    • 29.5"L x 20"W
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3 Item(s)

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