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  1. Lucky the Elephant Handcarved Side Table

    The small tribe of Laotian carvers, who meticulously carve each beautiful table, claim that they can see an elephant inside every tree. With this vision in mind, they use only their hands and basic carving tools to reveal the sculptural animals. Hand-chiseled from kiln-dried peach wood, each elephant—who we affectionately call "Lucky"—is a one-of-a-kind. Display Lucky as a stately sculpture or use as a small side table. Please note that due to the natural variation in the wood, each piece may contain its own characteristic cracks and knots.
  2. Standing Buddha Medallion Sculpture

    Crafted in Indonesia, this tranquil sculpture features the resting face of the Buddha cast in glass reinforced cement. The material consists of approximately 30% volcanic ash, 20% scrap or upcycled fiberglass, and 50% sand and cement. This eco-friendly mixture makes this accent more than just a pretty face. Perfect for adding an element of Zen and globally inspired style to any room, display it anywhere from entryway to your living room mantel. Let the Buddha’s restful presence provide you with peace and calm in your sustainable home.

    • The tranquil face of the Buddha is cast in glass reinforced cement to add a sustainable and relaxing accent to your home
    • Made in Indonesia
    • 15.5”L x 5.5”W x 20”H
    • 30% volcanic ash, 20% scrap or upcycled fiberglass, and 50% sand and cement
  3. Fearless Wooden Buddha Statue

    Carved in beautifully intricate detail, artisans work to reveal the peaceful Fearless Wooden Buddha seated within each solid block of Suar wood. In the process, they also reveal the rich color and varied grain of the wood, which add an element of natural beauty to the resting figure. Allow the Buddha to inspire a peaceful calm in your bedroom, bathroom, and anywhere else you need his restful presence.

    • Artisan-crafted using slices of natural, beautiful Suar wood
    • Adds a Zen-style influence to any room in your home
    • Inspires a comforting sense of calm
    • Made in Indonesia
    • 9.5”L x 4.75”W x 11.75”H
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