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Wall Décor

Wall Décor

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  1. Driftwood Succulent Wall Garden

    Look what's washed ashore. Capturing the beauty of the sea, this twist on the traditional hanging basket planter is crafted from driftwood collected on Oregon and California beaches. It's easy to hang and beautifully cradles a small bed of succulents.

  2. Round Lotus Flower Wall Panel

    This handcrafted teakwood panel brings an inspirational mark of craftsmanship to any wall. Artisan made in Thailand, each intricately carved panel begins as a blank slab of recycled teak and emerges as a three-dimensional motif of lotus flowers and vines.

    Download our Teak Wood Care & Information Card

  3. Wood Slice Wall Disks

    Naturally shaped wood slice segments are arranged in a variable pattern to create an eco-chic wall display. The slices are assembled organically and bring in just the right amount of texture and natural materials to any room. Every disk will differ in appearance due to natural variations in the wood.
  4. Repurposed Barrel Stave Hanging Wine Rack

    Bring the style of wine country home with our collection of one-of-a-kind repurposed wine barrel home accents. Each unique piece, like this 6 bottle barrel stave wine rack, is handcrafted using the solid oak wood staves and galvanized metal hardware recycled from retired wine barrels. A typical barrel is specially crafted in select areas of the US and France using high-quality oak, and can account for nearly half of the production cost for wine makers. Plus, depending on the maker's preference, the barrels are only used about four times. Our industrious craftsmen saw an opportunity to put the discarded barrels to good use. The goods they create possesses a rugged charm and totally unique character. No two pieces are alike and many will display distinguishing qualities such as wine makers labels and color variations from the wine that they once aged. Beautiful, expertly crafted, and eco-friendly, they create countryside-inspired display for your favorite spirits.
  5. Teak and Blown Glass Hanging Vase

    Artisan-made in Indonesia, molten glass is poured over a reclaimed teak wood root to create this breathtaking sculpture. The glass flows over the curves of the wood, looking as if it's frozen in time. Each vessel is made to fit a specific root, and the pairs will all be one-of-a-kind. Create your own eco-chic display by filling the glass with other natural materials such as foliage, sand, pebbles, and even water. The roots come equipped with inset wall hanging hardware.

    Download our Teak Wood Care & Information Card

  6. Antique Wooden Axle Wall Shelf

    Antique wooden axles find a new purpose as rustic and unique set of floating shelves. We love using them to display small, nature inspired accents like candles and succulents.
  7. Hanging Driftwood Succulent Garden

    We've paired two hardy natural survivors of wind and storm - succulents and driftwood and given them safe harbor in a compact indoor garden that is easy to grow and even easier to enjoy. Surf and sand-smoothed Oregon coast driftwood forms a compact, rustic exterior for our handcrafted planters. Succulents are hardy and low-maintenance.

  8. Kokedama Hanging String Gardens

    A form of ancient Japanese bonsai, kokedamas (pronounced: ko kay da ma) are plants that are sculpted into hanging gardens by tightly entwining their roots in soil and moss and hand-shaping them into balls. Our artisans construct kokedamas using an assortment of succulents, including colorata and gouchii varieties, spider plants, and rabbit's foot fern depending on the set selected. A piece of twine is affixed to each plant, allowing you to hang these living conversation pieces in a window or other well lit area of your home. Purchase as Sets of 3, or build your set by adding individual Kokedamas to your cart!

    Please note: There is a misprint in our Spring 2016 Catalog. To ensure you receive the correct assortment of Kokedama String Gardens please read the following -

    • V0012 will include three assorted types of Succulent Kokedamas, including colorata and gouchii varieties. Succulent type, color and sizes will vary from set to set.
    • V1672 will include an assortment of one rabbit's foot fern, one succulent, and one spider plant.

    *3-day delivery is included. Choose standard shipping at checkout and this item will be upgraded at no extra charge. Please see special shipping info for details.

    $39.00 - $98.00

  9. Mini Berry Illuminated Garland

    Nature-inspired berries meet ambient lighting in this seasonal garland. Battery operated, you can add a warm natural feel to your décor anywhere you want—nearby an electrical outlet or not. It is perfect for lighting a mantle, stair rail, door frame and more! Add seasonal style and shine effortlessly all season long.

    • Nature inspired berry garland with battery operated lights
    • Made in China
    • 72”L, perfect for mantels, stair rails and more
    • Auto-timer: 6 hours on/18 hours off
    • Available in white or red
  10. Teak Lotus Handcarved Wall Panels

    A traditional symbol of prosperity, this beautiful lotus panel wall art is sure to bring a wealth of decorative appeal to any space. Handcarved, sanded and waxed by Thai artisans and craftsmen, this absolutely gorgeous piece of art reflects hours of care and attention, resulting in an incredibly intricate, blossoming design. It's handcrafted of reclaimed, recycled teak wood, prized for its dense grain and beautiful patina. Each panel is truly sustainable and socially aware too; profits directly benefit the building of new community buildings in Thai villages. It's stunning as an earthy, decorative centerpiece for any room. Each panel is cut into 12" sections that fit together for ease of shipping and mounting, and comes with recessed hanging hardware.

    Download our Teak Wood Care & Information Card

    $349.00 - $799.00

  11. Flowering Willow Wreath

    This artisan-crafted wreath presents a cheerful display of nigella pods and pink gomphrena sprinkled through a bed of twiggy winterbud. The yellowish hue of the pods in combination with the pinks and reds of the gomphrena yields a perfect springy pallet. The dried arrangement emits a therapeutic natural fragrance you’ll enjoy having greet you at the door or fill your home. Each wreath is harvested and handcrafted in a USA based nursery on the coast of Oregon. The family owned nursery’s floral artists are known for their unique and beautiful nature-inspired creations. Not recommended for outdoor use.

    $109.00 - $119.00

  12. Lavender and Winterbud Wreath

    This artisan-crafted wreath presents a cheerful display of soothing lavender sprinkled through a bed of twiggy winterbud. The lavender’s purple hue against the soft green of the winterbud yields a perfect springy pallet. The dried arrangement emits a therapeutic natural fragrance you’ll enjoy having greet you at the door or fill your home. Each wreath is harvested and handcrafted in a USA based nursery on the coast of Oregon. The family owned nursery’s floral artists are known for their unique and beautiful nature-inspired creations. Not recommended for outdoor use.

    $109.00 - $119.00

  13. Driftwood Wreath

    Our simple driftwood wreath features the power and artistry of Mother Nature. While on morning walks with his dog, the artist collects pieces of driftwood on the Oregon coast. Each piece of driftwood is then hand-pieced together to form the interwoven splendor of this wreath. Hang indoors or out. Sizes may vary due to handmade nature of the piece. Please note that how the pieces of driftwood are joined together may vary.

  14. Wine Crate Vertical Wall Garden

    Combine colorful flowers and herbs to create living wall art with our Wine Crate Vertical Garden. No messy soil or planting?just place up to nine 4" potted plants (not included) on its self-irrigating trays and hang on a wall or fence. The weathered-gray finish of the wine crate adds a rustic charm to your kitchen or patio.
  15. Succulent Garden in Root of the Earth Bowl

    Salvaged root balls of Chinese fir trees are hand-carved into magnificent one-of-a-kind bowls and planted with an array of succulents, creating an indoor garden you and your summer guests won't be able to take your eyes off of. A great gift item!

  16. Mini Lotus Panels - Set of 2

    Thai artisans hand-carved, sanded and waxed this intricate, blossoming lotus design from reclaimed teak. Teakwood, prized for its dense grain and beautiful, natural patina, brings a perfect dose of natural texture to any wall in your home.

    Download our Teak Wood Care & Information Card

  17. Tumbled Stone Wall Hook Collection

    Hang your towels, pull back your curtains, or hang your hat on these elegant tumbled stone, wall-mounted hooks. Each is a perfectly practical addition to any room in your home where you want an eco-friendly, coastal-inspired style. Mother Nature shapes each stone herself in the rivers and oceans of New England’s coast. Worn by time and the waters current, they are rounded and smoothed before they are washed upon the banks and shores where we collect them. In return for each stone the coast gives us, we give it one in return. When a tumbled stone is collected we leave a rough quarry stone in its place to restart the cycle and let nature do its work. Additionally, ten saplings are planted for each cherry tree that is cut down to create the base of the hooks. Not only can you admire the beauty of these functional, nature-made accents, you can rest assured that the environment was positively impacted in their production. Each is unique; please expect sizes and shapes to vary greatly.

    $59.00 - $149.00

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17 Item(s)

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